Our Extensive range is avilable from the largest daylight ARRI-Max down to the smallest DEDO head.


We offer complete Lighting Packages with Experienced Crew to suit all your shooting requirements


With Exceptional Discounts even on a one day hire


And  larger Discounts on longer hire periods.


We also have several Custom made pieces of kit which we've had made to our specifications


This includes our full range of Kino Blanket Lights


Available in the following sizes: 4' x 4' / 8' x 4' / 8' x 8' 



New Kit Now Available

ARRI S360-C - Available Now








Astera AX1's (8 Head Kit's)


ARRI-Max 9kw


KINO 8ft x 8ft - Blanket Light (16 x 8ft kino Tubes)


KINO Celeb 400Q


KINO Celeb 201




Aladdin - Fabric Light 3' x 3' 350w Led Bi Colour - flexible light panel


Aladdin - Bi-Flex 4 - 200w Led  Bi-Colour 4' x 1' - flexible light panel


Aladdin - Bi-Flex 2 - 100w Led Bi-Colour 2' x 1' Flexible light panel


Aladdin - FlexLite 1' x 1' 50w Led - flexible light panel


Aladdin - A Lite & Eye Lite Bi-Colour


Westcott - Ice Light


Octodome - 7ft (2.1m) with 2kw / 4kw Tungsten or Daylight 1.6kw / 3.2kw msr 

Astera AX1's (8 Head Kit) With Charging Case

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